About Us
VPS builds the most energy efficient buildings available. Utilizing the latest technologies combined with superior craftsmanship, we strive to make every house we build Net Zero Energy or Passive House Standard. We only do one thing—build the finest houses and make them the most energy efficient buildings ever built.

Tuck Miller, President

Mr. Miller brings 20 years of experience in the military together with a unique background in the application of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. “Our goal is to become a leader in developing energy efficient technologies and lead this country to true energy independence. VPS lives by our motto of Find a Way or Make a Way”. Mr. Miller manages the daily operations of VPS and oversees domestic, military and international projects for the company.  

Steve Merandi MD, Operations Director

Dr. Merandi was a pioneer in radiology tele-medicine and is applying his extensive knowledge of medical technology to designing ultra-efficient building systems. He is involved in the company’s efforts to design and construct buildings that are made to meet future demands for energy efficiency. Dr. Merandi’s enthusiasm for energy solutions is a driving force behind VPS and our success in deploying smart energy products.

Edward G. Elliott, Director of Sales

Mr. Elliott was a national leader in the sale of renewable energy products over thirty years ago—and he has remained a leader in the fusion of energy efficiency and modern construction techniques. He was a pioneer in working with utility companies to assist homeowners with the installation of renewable energy systems.  His expertise in building construction is shown in the hundreds of projects he has completed across the US. As Director of Sales, Mr. Elliott is constantly looking for innovations in energy efficiency that translate into our most important commodity—A Happy Customer.

Our employees are accomplished in the sale and delivery of our products. Combined we have participated in civilian and government programs in over 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America.
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